Rights Respecting quiz in Acorn class!

Today in Acorn class Mr Butcher gave us a surprise quiz to remember as many of our rights as possible in 5 minutes. Our two teams worked really well and there were some fantastic discussions about what our rights are, which rights are similar or linked and what rights actually are! It was a very tight score and Mr Butcher had to go down to a half point just to pick a winner (“food” vs “clean food every day”)!

Great job Acorns!

World Book Day and Rights Respecting

It’s a very exciting day today because today it’s World Book Day! In assembly we talked about our rights to relax, play, learn and be the best we can be. We talked a lot about article 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (our right to a free primary education) and how fortunate we are to not only come to school and do the things we do, but also that we can be here with all our friends and enjoy something special like World Book Day. We thought about other children in other parts of the world and how different their learning, or their opportunities to learn, might be from ours. We talked about a little girl called Mina from Afghanistan and how difficult it was for her to learn before UNICEF came to help her and her friends.

Strike for Climate Change

On Friday, 15th February, some of the children from Doddi joined in with the #Strikeforclimatechange rally that took place in Exeter. As a Rights Respecting School, it was great to see the children joining with other pupils to demonstrate their concern about this important global matter.

Eco-Schools Conference Feedback

The School Council members went to an Eco-Schools Conference which they told the other pupils about during an Assembly. They taught everyone some actions to help them remember to reduce, reuse and recycle and also explained how they had made some new paper from old paper! Finally, they told the other pupils about the pledge that everyone at Doddi School will now try and keep to help reduce our use of paper by shaking our wet hands twelve times before drying them!

Universal Children’s Day Assembly

The pupils in key stage 2 constructed a fantastic rights respecting Assembly. They made it up all by themselves and performed it extremely well with some props to help the children explain and perform the play better. A universal children’s day is a day for the children’s rights such as clean water and fresh air.

Written by Maks and Sam, Oak Class